What is a TypeScript ?

what is typescript

TypeScript is an open-source,strongly typed, object oriented, compiled language. It is a super set of JavaScript which is compiled to JavaScript.

Features of TypeScript:

1. Compile Time Error Checking: Typescripts Transpiler helps you to indentify errors while writing script only. So this provides additional advantage as compared to normal JavaScript coding where errors will be identified after running script

2. Strongly Typed: Typescript variables and data structure can be associated with specific data type like string, boolean, integer etc.
which is not possible in JavaScript. Because of this feature also it got this name as a TypeScript.

3. Supports OOP Concepts: TypeScript Supports majority of object oriented programming concepts like classes, interfaces, objects, namespaces etc.

4. Device Independent: TypeScript supports all major browsers where javascript is supported.

So this is a basic introduction about TypeScript. We will learn in more details in subsequent articles. Lets have a look at its data types.

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