What’s New in TypeScript 4.4 Beta Version

TypeScript 4.4

Microsoft has released typescript 4.4 beta version and it’s due in late august to be released as a production release.

To install this beta version you can use the following command in your CLI.

npm install typescript@beta

Now let’s check these updates in detail.

  • Spelling Suggestions – If you are using code editors like visual studio code or visual code, you will get auto spelling suggestions for plain Javascript files. These are the same “Did you mean…?”  suggestions that TypeScript files already have, and now they’re available in JavaScript files as well in some form.

  • Faster Path Normalization – TypeScript path normalization refers to removing backward slashes with slashes, or removing /./ so that compiler can use it every where with consistent path.
    Now in typescript 4.4, it will check whether path normalization really required or not if path is already in consistent format. It will improve build time for large projects.

  • Inlay Hints– TypeScript is experimenting with editor support for Inlay Hints. It displays useful information in your code like parameter names.

  • Faster Path Mapping – TypeScript now caches the way it constructs path-mappings. It is useful in project where thousands of path mappings are present.

  • Faster --force builds- When using --build mode on project references, TypeScript has to perform up-to-date checks to determine which files need to be rebuilt. But now if you apply --force parameter, it will build all files whithout checking. Hence, it will improve compilation time significantly.

  • tsc --help Updates and Improvements – Option description and some visual color changes are made in --help parameter output.

  • Faster Source Map Generation for Big Outputs – Source map generation on extremely large output files has been added. This results in about an 8 percent reduction in emit time when building an older version of the TypeScript compiler.

To check the actual production release date stay tuned to release plan.

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