PHP Session: How to pass variable value from one page to another

PHP sessions
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A PHP session (or any session!) is a mechanism of storing multiple values across the application pages. It’s a kind of temporary storage that gets removed as soon as session expiry time occurs.

How to start PHP session?

To start a PHP session, you must use session_start() function on the very first line of your script.

It will enable $_SESSION global variable, which can be used to set and get session values.

How to store value in session?

To store a value in PHP session, you can use following syntax:

$_SESSION['name'] = 'MNOP';

How to get value from session?

To retrieve specific variable value from session, you can use following syntax:

$name = $_SESSION['name'];

Note that, we can also print all session values in one go using,


It will print all values in array like structure.

How to modify session value?

To modify session value, use below syntax

$_SESSION['name'] = 'MNOP_updated';

Deleting specific session value

To delete a specific session value, use following syntax:


There might be a scenario where you want to delete all session values.

To accomplish this, you can use session_destroy() method.

Now lets take a look at example which demonstrates session get and set operations in PHP:

// Start the session
<!DOCTYPE html>

// Set session variables
$_SESSION["name"] = "Code Topology";
echo "Session variables are set.<br/>";



Create one file called storeValues.php and paste above code into it. After running script, it should display “Session variables are set.”

Create another file called getSession.php which will access $_SESSION[‘name’] variable and will simply display it.


echo $_SESSION['name'];


After running above script, it should display “Code Topology” in the browser.

If you observed, we have used session_start() function on the first line in both the scripts. It is necessary to start the session access for specific script.

Hope you enjoyed the Article! 🙂

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