Angular 15 Ensures Simplified Development

Image by Anna Prosekova from Pixabay

Upcoming November release of Angular is planning to simplify the development by adding a new way to compose UI logic, stabilizing standalone component APIs, and simplifying application building process.

One of the above features – standalone component APIs was released in Angular 14 as a developer preview will move to stable status with this new release. It facilitates the easy building of application, reduces boilerplate and helps with the organization.

As per the below Minko Gechev tweet, Angular 15 will provide a new way to reuse UI logic. The directive composition API will be included to compose the UI logic.

The use of NgModules, which configure injectors and the compiler, will be unessential in Angular 15 as the standalone component APIs are being included.

Few Angular 15 Features Are:

  • Image directives to enhance web page speed and increase Core Web Vitals ratings.
  • A preview of DI(Dependency Injection) in Angular DevTools.
  • The output of Angular CLI ng new command has been simplified.
  • Improved debugging in Zone.js, for async stack traces.

The project developers have decided to deprecate the protractor testing framework based on feedback from the community developers. Those who are using this framework in their active project can sought for long term support. The last version of this framework is expected in Angular 16 release.

Developers are expecting the stable release of  MDC (Material Design Components) for the web in Angular 15.

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