[Updated] A Quick Update on Angular 13 Release

Angular 13
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Google’s TypeScript based framework Angular gets a major production release every six months. So Angular 13 release is expected to take place in November 2021.

Here are 2 major updates regarding the Angular 13 release.

Form Changes

A new type called FormControlStatus has been added. This is the union of all possible status strings for form controls. Most of the applications are expected to consume this change without any error.

Unfortunately, if there is an error because of this new addition, then the problem is most likely with comparing AbstractControl.status with string or that the app is using statusChanges events as if they were something other than strings.

router changes

Before going through this change, let’s consider one scenario.

Consider you have the following query parameters:


The default URL serializer would drop everything after and including a question mark in query parameters. This will leave us with a parameter {q: ‘hello’} that is not correct.

This is because URI specs discard everything after 2nd ? in query parameters.

There is a proposed fix in Angular 13 that will parse the above query parameters to {q: 'hello?', other: '123'}.

Updated on 7th Oct 2021:

TypeScript versions older than 4.4.2 are no longer supported.

The return type of SwUpdate#activateUpdate and SwUpdate#checkForUpdate changed to Promise<boolean>.

The SwUpdate#activated observable is deprecated.

The SwUpdate#availalbe observable is deprecated.

NodeJS versions older than v12.20.0 are no longer
supported due to the Angular packages using the NodeJS package exports
feature with subpath patterns.

So that’s it! We have covered both the major proposed changes which you will get in the November release.

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