Magento 2.4.4 Open Source Released – Everything You Need To Know!

Magento 2.4.4
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Adobe officially released Magento 2.4.4 version on 12th April 2022. Adobe added some exciting features as well fixed all the major bugs in this release.

All the store owners can upgrade their Magento version by either downloading it or hiring a professional service like MageComp.

Let’s take a look at fixes and features added to this release by Adobe.

Security Enhancements

This release includes one security fix and platform security improvements.

  • Integration tokens can no longer be used for API Bearer token authentication.
  • Session IDs are no longer stored in the database.
  • Added reCAPTCHA support to coupon codes.
  • Validations added to prevent the upload of non-alpha-numeric file extensions.
  • When Magento runs in Production mode. Swagger will be disabled by default.
  • HTTPS is now enabled by default for the Magento Open Source storefront. The Use Secure URLs on Storefront and Use Secure URLs in Admin settings are enabled by default, and all built-in cookies are now set as secure.
  • Developers can now configure the limit on the size of arrays accepted by Magento Open Source RESTful endpoints.

Platform enhancements

  • The JQuery library has been upgraded to version 3.6
  • TinyMCE 5.8.1 is added and TinyMCE 4 removed from the codebase.
  • RequireJS library upgraded to support the latest version.


  • Fixed translation issues in GraphQL with multi-site and multi-language stores.
  • The webonyx library, which enables core GraphQL to function, has been upgraded to version ^14.9.
  • GraphQL now provides New Relic with descriptive transaction names.
  • The performance of GraphQL cart operations has improved. 

Vendor-Bundled Extensions

All vendor-bundled extensions except Braintree have been removed from the Magento Open Source 2.4.4 code base. Merchants should migrate to the official extensions, which are available on the Commerce Marketplace.

PayPal Payment enhancements

  • Messaging on the checkout page now displays accurate messaging on how much and in how many increments shopper will be expected to pay when using Pay Later.
  • Pay Later has been added as an option for shoppers based on the shopper’s location
  • The Venmo payment option is now supported.

Accessibility Issue Fixes

  • Tab key support added for the rich text editor toolbar.
  • Screen readers can now read all relevant form elements on product pages.
  • Edit links in the Products table now have unique, meaningful link text.
  • The triggers that expands tooltips now provide textual names.
  • Buttons throughout the storefront now have unique, descriptive accessible names.

Cart and checkout Fixed Issues

  • Magento Open Source now reverts the shopping cart product quantity to the previous value if the updated quantity is invalid.
  • Clicking the Add to Cart button in the Recently Viewed section now redirects as expected to the product details page.
  • Magento Open Source now correctly applies the free shipping threshold to orders when table rates are enabled.
  • Magento Open Source no longer throws an error when a shopper clicks Update Cart after changing a product quantity in the mini cart.
  • Checkout no longer fails at the payment stage when the billing address is missing street field values or the street field value is not an array. 

Catalog Issue Fixes

  • Magento Open Source no longer modifies related product prices when the configurable product attributes are changed
  • Magento Open Source no longer throws an exception when performing a mass attribute update action on the product grid when a product has a datetime attribute.
  • GraphQL category queries return information about changes to staged categories as expected.

Email Issue Fixes

  • Magento Open Source now includes Content-Disposition: inline headers in email as expected.
  • Sales update emails sent from the Admin for non-default store views now contain correct order status labels.
  • Order and shipment notification emails now work as expected in deployments using Microsoft Outlook and MS Exchange Server.

There are more bug fixes done in this release which you can read here. The store Owners should upgrade to Magento 2.4.4 to keep store up to date with latest release.

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